Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many PC’s can a license be used on?

Pure Blogger license can be used on two (2) PC’s as most people today have a workstation and a laptop we think it’s nothing but fair to allow it to be installed on 2 machines. In addition there is two Deauthorizations buttons in application (under “Settings”) one that you can use for Deauthorize the current PC’s license and one where you Deauthorize both machines, in case you need to move it to a new machine etc.

2. Is Pure Blogger a monthly or yearly subscription?

None of the above, Pure Blogger is a One Time Payment software. The price for Pure Blogger is $99.

3. Is Pure Blogger updated, and how much do updates cost?

Yes Pure Blogger is updated, since Google from time to time changes the way certain Blogspot functions behave and act (algorithm etc), but also we will be adding new features every once in a while and all updates are totally free.

4. I’m thinking of buying Pure Blogger where can i get more info before purchasing?

You can see screenshots in our Gallery, watch our Tutorial videos on this site directly or even download them to your PC if you want to. Last but not least you can try out Pure Blogger with the 7 Days Free Trial.

5. After i purchase, how do i receive the software?

Once your payment has been accepted and authorized you will be redirected to a page where you can download our software instantly. In order to activate the software simply check the email with order details from Avangate and use the following details: Avangate Name (First and Lastname), Avangate Email and Avangate Order Reference Nr in the licensing window that comes up when you start up Pure Blogger for the first time.

6. Can Pure Blogger use Private Proxies (with and without a Username and Password)?

Yes the format is IP:PORT and for proxies with user pass IP:PORT:USER:PASS

7. Do you have an affiliate program?

Sorry, at the moment we do not offer an Affiliate program.

8. What payment options do you offer?

Currently we only accept payments via PayPal as well as payments by credit card through PayPal (no PayPal account is required for this).

9. What platforms does Pure Blogger run on?

Pure Blogger is a Windows only software. It runs on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 2003/2008/2012 Server on both 32 and 64 Bit.

10. How do i transfer my license to another computer, or re-activate it after reformatting Windows?

Simply click the “Deauthorizarion” button in Pure Blogger (you’ll find in under “Settings”) on the “old” PC BEFORE formatting Windows and then Enter your original purchase details (see question 5. for more info).

11. I submitted my license details but it does not work?

The most common reason is you entered the wrong license details, or you have already used your license on two (2) machines. So please check you entered the correct license details, and you have not used the license on 2 machines already. If that is the case you can deauthorize a license (See question 10. for more info).

12. Is the Microsoft .Net Framework required?

Yes, you need to download .NET framework 4 in order for Pure Blogger to work.

13. Do you have any suggestions for Private Proxies to use or any good VPS for running Pure Blogger on?

Yes we use Your Private Proxy and Berman Hosting for VPS (Virtual Private Servers).

14. I have a product/service based on Pure Blogger, or want to write a blog post showing how cool it is can i use screenshots or logo’s from

Yes sure, no problems.

15. I have questions not answered here can i contact you?

Sure you can submit any questions using our Support Ticket System and we will be in touch typically within 24 hours (depending on national holidays etc).

16. Does Pure Blogger work on Mac?

No, sorry Pure Blogger DOES NOT WORK ON A MAC.

17. I lost the Download Link for Pure Blogger where Can I find it?

You can always download the latest version of Pure Blogger here.