Pure Blogger Policy

This page outlines the Policy, and Privacy Information for the Pure Blogger Application and PureBlogger.net Website.

Pure Blogger has been tested and working on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and also on Windows Server 2003 and 2008 on both 32 bit and 64 bit. Pure Blogger requires a working internet connection and .NET framework 4 installed to function. For optimal performance, a broadband/cable/direct internet connection is recommended.

Program Licenses

A purchase of a license for the Pure Blogger application is for personal use, and by purchasing a license you are entitled to run the application on two (2) machines. Purchase of a Pure Blogger license gives you the right to use the application on two machines, and you are entitled to all bug fixes and new functionality published in future versions of the software.

Due to the Pure Blogger license being assigned to your PC and OS there may come a time where you obtain a new machine, reformat your operating system or otherwise change your hardware, therefore we have added Deauthorization Button in the application (under “Settings”) so you can deauthorize license from current machine and move it to the new machine. However, in the occassion you forgot to deauthorize a computer before, for instance, selling it, formatting the HDD or upon a crash, we offer a manual license transfer reset for a small cost of $10.

Under the terms of the license agreement, you are forbidden to share the Pure Blogger application or license details with non-license holders or upload it to a publicly accessible location including but not limited to file sharing sites or similar as well as any FTP, news group, blog or bulletin board service. If our licensing system becomes aware your instance of the application or license details have been shared either intentionally or accidentally, uploaded to such services, or tampered with in any way to circumvent the licensing policy outlined in this document we reserve the right to disable your active license and you will not entitled to a refund under any circumstances. Users are responsible for keeping their license details secure

Refund Policy

Due to the fact that we offer a Fully Functional 7 Days Free Trial of Pure Blogger under which you’ll have sufficient time to test all it’s functions, features and also compatibility with you PC setup we do not offer any refunds. All sales are final and under no circumstances can we offer refunds because you changed your mind, you no longer need the software, you assumed it done something not advertised, or you found it too difficult you get a 7 Days Free Trial of Pure Blogger in order for you to make this decision before purchasing.

Pure Blogger also has the ability to use third party proxies which it can connect to the internet through. User error by inputting wrong data, failure to connect to the internet due to poor proxies, internet connection or antivirus/firewall blocking the connection is not a fault of the Pure Blogger application. You are purchasing license subscription for the main Pure Blogger application only and we cannot provide refunds if your internet connection fails or of one or more of the proxies you use does not work.

Privacy Policy

Pure Blogger is an application which runs on your PC. Pure Blogger does not makes no modifications to your system upon installation. Pure Blogger does not retrieve or in any way interact with your personal information we take user privacy very seriously. Pure Blogger may periodically connect to the internet to check the application has been legally purchased, and at your request connect to the internet to check for newer versions with new functionality. At no time is any personal information transmitted from your machine.

Email Policy

When purchasing Pure Blogger we automatically become aware of your name, email address supplied when paying through Avangate payment gatewat when a copy of your purchase receipt is forwarded to us by www.avangate.com

This information is used to associate your payment, with your ability to legally own and run the Pure Blogger application. This information is in no way shared with any third party, and is strictly used by the Pure Blogger team for purposes directly related to the Pure Blogger site and application as well as communicating with you for issues such as support or software license authentication. By purchasing Pure Blogger you agree to the policy outlined on this page and on our terms.

We reserve the right to revise or amend this policy. PureBlogger.net Feb 15th, 2013